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Quran_1 Screen Saver will teach you about the true meaning of the Scared Book
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Would you like to know more about Muslims and their religion?
Do you want to learn what is the meaning of those prayers and chants?
Quran_1 Screen Saver will teach you about the true meaning of the Scared Book.

The Quran has a special way of expressing a believer’s inner sentiments in the best possible words. The Invocation of God and the opening chapter of the Quran constitute a supplication of this nature. The feelings, which are naturally aroused in one after discovering the truth, are expressed in these lines.

God requires His servant to live his life with such feelings and emotions. The opening chapter of the Quran is a portrayal in miniature of Islamic belief; the rest of the Quran is an enlargement of this picture.

This unique screen saver will teach you the meaning of this sacred book.
You will be able to enjoy watching beautiful scenes accompanied by texts both in Arabic and in English for your understanding.
You will also be listening to real prayers and chants.

With the Quran_1 Screen Saver you will begin to understand what Muslims believe in.

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